So, I was laying on my bed, while lockdown was in effect in my country. A thought came to my mind, why not do something? I got up from my bed, grabbed my laptop and started surfing on websites and videos on you tube. Then, another thought came to my mind, why not share all boring knowledge, I have collected in 24 years of experiences in my life. Since, I have forgotten most my knowledge. So , Why not stick to the medical knowledge I have gathered in my Medical school. That’s when the idea of blogging came to my mind and I started writing about HEALTH and EDUCATION. Plus, this is also my field, so why really not?

My name is Gaurav. I live in India. I am a 4th year medical student and I really like to write about Health and Educational stuff. I am not on Facebook, Instagram but I have joined twitter, so you can follow me on my Twitter handle, which is Healthy Blogs@HealthyBlogs1.


Well, my hobbies are pretty much studying, watching movies and playing little bit of football, which I have completely given up, because lockdown has been too long. This exactly means, for now, my life is one hundred percent about books and zero percent fun.


This website is entirely dedicated to HEALTH and EDUCATION. Which means, the sole purpose of this blogging website is to educate people about healthy lifestyle and some basics things about about human body. In case you like what I write on my blogpost, then please consider commenting and subscribing. It will not only support this website, but also motivate me to write good and innovative blogs.

Thank You