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The Empires and Kingdoms of the Immune System

Imagine you were the grand architect of the immune system. Your job is to organize the defenses against millions of intruders that want to take it over. You get to build whatever defenses you like, although the accountants remind you that the body is on a tight energy budget, has no resources to spare, and they kindly ask you to not be wasteful.

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Well, originally the argument of fat totally belongs to the chemistry and many of the experts who talk about it, are well versed in chemistry. I am also not an expert in chemistry, but I have studied a little bit about it in Biochemistry.

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In India, after COVID second wave, there is a new disease named Mucormycosis also known as black fungus, has been making headline.
Well what is it? Today we will talk about it. It is a type of Opportunistic specifically nosocomial infection, affecting mainly doctors. It is fungal in nature.

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Addiction is a term used in everyday language, but what is an Addiction?? Well, informally, addiction may be defined as a degree of involvement in a behavior that can function both to produce pleasure and to provide relief from discomfort, to the point where the cost appear to outweigh the benefits.

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(Epi means upon; demo means people). The “unusual” occurrence in a community or region of disease, specific health-related behavior (e.g. smoking) or other health-related events (e.g. traffic accidents) clearly in excess of “expected occurrence”.

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Vaccine is an immuno-biological substance designed to produce specific protection against a given disease. It stimulates the production of protective antibody and other immune mechanisms. Vaccines may be prepared from live modified organisms, inactivated or killed organisms, extracted cellular fractions, toxoids or combination of these.

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